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Exclusive North American Distribution and Marketing:StJohn Group
May 29, 2008
In This Issue
Getting to Know: The PA-1800 3-ch Amp
NEW Print & Online Collateral
Ten Tips for Getting the MOST Out of Your Artcoustic System
Installation of the Month - April
Get Your Company on

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Get Your Company on

Get your company logo, photos, installations and contact information on the web site, and get leads from your service area.

Here's how.... The only way to get on the site is to supply us with the following. Send your files and information to Kevin Leja at StJohn Group:

1. Two to four high quality photos of your showroom display or a client install. Please download this handy guide to taking great photos and telling a story about the installation.
2. A 100 to 250 word text blurb on your company, what sets you apart and why you offer Artcoustic.
3. A company logo in jpeg, eps, gif, or tiff format.
4. The complete company contact information you want listed on the site.
5. Here are some examples of how to do it: Example 1, Example 2, Example 3

New Art Portfolio Images
Now Available

Hundreds of new images by designers and artists have been added to the ever-growing Artcoustic Art Portfolio.

Download the new image books (six in all) from this link.

The entire portfolio will be available in printed version late April or early May.

Here are just a few of the hundreds of new images:

To see the hundreds of new images in the Artcoustic portfolio, download the new image books (six in all) from this link.

Getting to Know: The NEW PA-1800 Three-Channel Amplifier

Artcoustic, the world leader in modern and contemporary wall-mounted high-end speaker systems, can make one heckuva beefy amplifier! Introducing the new Professional Multi-Purpose Three-Channel Amplifier - the PA-1800. Designed to perform smoothly and accurately, even in the most demanding conditions, the PA-1800 is matched to all the Artcoustic loudspeakers’ impedance and tonality, making a perfect match with amazing detail, control, and dynamics.

PA-1800 Three-channel Amp

PA-1800 Key Features:

2 rack units high. Very high output with minimal rack space required
Individual input sensitivity for each of the 3 channels
Signal presence and protection indicator
Balanced inputs via XLR and Jack connectors. Unbalanced input via RCA connectors
High current bi-polar technology - stable performance down to 2 ohms
Each channel may be fed with independent signals, used for addressing different zones or fed with the same mono or stereo signal
Precision subharmonic filters
Triple monoblock amplifier PCB design
Extended protection curcuit
High efficiency toriodal transformer
Dual fan speed, setting 0 residential = silent, setting 1 commercial = full fan speed
Totally protected against overheating and shorting and includes DC prevention at the output stage
3 year guarantee

PA-1800 with Rack Mount Ears (above)

Internal Technology (below)

Technical Specifications
Output power 20Hz-20KHz RMS program channel 1 & 2
- 4 ohm 550 WRMS
- 8 ohm 400 WRMS
Output power 20Hz-20KHz RMS program channel 3
- 4 ohm 850 WRMS
- 8 ohm 700 WRMS
S/N ratio channel 1 & 2 > 89dB
S/N ratio channel 3 > 91dB
Frequency response: 20Hz -20KHz
THD <0.05%
Damping factor @ 8 ohm > 500
Crosstalk > 65dB
Slew rate 20V/ms.
Power: 115V/230V ac 360VA
Protection, heat, DC, short cut and soft start
Dimensions (H x W x D) : 3.5" x 19" x 19.5"
Weight : 37.5 lbs.
Inputs :
- RCA unbalanced 1.2V/10kOhm
- XLR balanced 1.2V/20kOhm

The new PA-1800 is available now from StJohn Group at a suggested retail price of $1,750. One PA-1800 also comes FREE when you order one of the following:

One pair of DFF180-43 Full-range loudspeakers
One pair of DFF120-43 Full-range loudspeakers
One pair of DF100-75 Full-range loudspeakers
One DFC150-36 Full-range Center loudspeaker
One Spitfire Professional Subwoofer

One DFS75-55 Subwoofer
One DFS100-75 Subwoofer
One Diablo Panel Sub Subwoofer

Contact your Artcoustic Rep or StJohn Group for more details.

NEW ARTCOUSTIC COLLATERAL: Art Portfolio, Installation Picture Book, Product Manuals, and Quarterly Corporate Newsletter

Artcoustic has been busy at the printer! Now available in print are the new Artcoustic Art Portfolio (108 pages), the Picture Book (108 pages) featuring magnificent installations from around the world, an 8-page manual for each Artcoustic product (22 in all), and a Corporate Newsletter that will be issued quarterly.

Each Artcoustic Showroom Partner will be sent a very limited quantity of each.

The two main collateral pieces are also available electronically - both as PDFs and online. Follow & bookmark these links:

Picture Book - PDF; Online
Art Portfolio - PDF; Online

Installation of the Month - MARCH

Something Old, Something New

This Luxurious Traditional Arabian Designed Apartment Comprises the Latest High End Audio Technology in A Modern Setting

New developments in Dubai come in all shapes and sizes, each with their own take on architecture and modern living. Located in what is being hailed as the most exclusive square kilometer in the world, The Old Town, the Burj Dubai Development offers elegant Arabian architecture in a unique and modern setting.

One family decided to relocate to this urban luxury lifestyle living and commissioned SoundsME LLC (Artcoustic's United Arab Emirates distributor) to integrate a state-of-the-art high end audio and home cinema system into their elegantly designed surroundings. Family, work and entertainment were important fundamentals for this client. Today homes are no longer being designed as just a place to rest our heads. Instead, they incorporate space for all the things we love to do. So it's not surprising that home automation, sound systems and home theater were placed at the top of the design wish-lists for this client.

The family’s love of music and home cinema was paramount to the final solution that had to include a state of the art sound and home cinema system.

They were immediately impressed by the sonic performance and design and commissioned the installer to provide a final specification for the system throughout the entire house. The key selling point to the clients was the fact that the Artcoustic speakers would be unobtrusive to the interior but would provide top-quality sound. This project took three months to finalize, from the initial planning meetings to the final result.

The homeowners placed a high value on music and entertainment. Although they have a dedicated home theater room, they chose to have their main system in the living area, which is where they do the majority of their entertaining. The spacious living room features Artcoustic’s large but sleek and powerful DFF180-43 X2 speakers with carefully chosen screens from the Artcoustic Getty Images Archive.

The left and right speakers are mounted along with a Medialine 55” plasma screen. There’s no center channel, which would normally be placed beneath the plasma screen, because the DFF180-43 X2 speakers create a phantom center. The speakers each include four 10-inch subwoofers so no additional subwoofer is needed. The DFF180-43 X2 speakers are powered by an Artcoustic PA 1800 3-channel 1800 watt amplifier.

The rear speakers used to complete the dynamic surround sound include Artcoustic Diablo Monitors concealed discreetly behind the crème colored suede sofa. All media is played off of an Archos 704 Media Player which is connected to a 1 terra byte hard drive. The system also includes a Dolby Digital Processor (Ditton 5.1) as well as the Artcoustic Octo IR Repeater Kit. All hi-fi and home cinema equipment is stored in contemporary Artcoustic Linax Duo AV Storage Cabinets, creating a sleek interior. The open back allows for airflow to keep the equipment cool.

The living room audio and home cinema system is built into the custom finished Artcoustic Media Wall section, setting the tone for the installation. The system provides power in sound but looks stylish and sleek taking up minimal space. The greatest demands and attention were made by this audio and home cinema system creating a luxurious designed room with traditional Arabic touches in a contemporary décor; this is a very impressive space.

The apartment includes a vast terrace and garden that is used for outdoor lounging, entertaining and dining as the outdoor space is designed as an extension of the indoor living area.

The terrace is elegantly laid out with tiles imported from Saudi Arabia, Moroccan lamps, mosaic tables and lounge cabanas that include modern yet comfortable sofas and colorful cushions.

Outdoor sound includes the discreet multi-purpose Artcoustic Diablo Target Speakers cabled by Monster Cable. These on-wall configurations are fully waterproof for outdoor use, extremely versatile and can be used as in-wall and in-ceiling speakers and distribute sound evenly. These speakers feature a rippled dome tweeter that produces consistent, uniform high frequency performance and ensure you don’t have to compromise your décor to achieve great sound quality.




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