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May 19 , 2008
In this issue:
Star uRay PWM Dimmer for LED Strips
Star uRay Demo Kit Now Available
Star Featured Installation - AVI - Alpharetta, GA
Star Take the iSky Survey - ONLINE!
Star Tips and Tricks - Using the Cut-out Template

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uRay Dimmer - Please load imagesWe introduced the PWM Dimmer (Stock code 6176) in the last newsletter, and already many dealers are finding ways to use this cool little device in lots of applications.

First a review: iSky’s uRay Lighting operates on constant voltage* making it easy to layout, install and dim. Using a uRayPWM module, (Pulse Width Modulator, or PWM) and a 0-10v controller (supplied by others) dimming uRay is possible.

LED dimming has been fairly rare and always very expensive. The new iSky dimming module, uRayPWM, is a breakthrough in terms of size (small form factor) and cost. Typical solutions before were four figure propositions for most dealers. MSRP for the iSky dimmer module is $250 and is compatible with a wide array of 0-10v dimming controls. Download this PDF for more information.

*LED lighting either operates on a constant current or constant voltage. Constant current has many restrictions on how a system is configured. Constant voltage gives the user greater freedom to configure a LED lighting system.

Besides being used around iSky Panels on the wall or ceiling, uRay Lighting Strips can be used under theater seating, under cabinets in kitchens and bathrooms, along aisles, under stair steps, in equipment racks, and for accent lighting around speakers, projection screens and displays. Here are some examples:


iSky has created a terrific complimentary product to the iSky Pizza Box Demo Kit. If you're taking product into the field on client calls, this handy uRay Demo Kit (Stock Code #6001) will allow you to show your clients a strip of each uRay color in one small package, ready to light up wherever there is 110v.

Each uRay Demo Kit includes the following:

1 7010 - 1 amp driver
1 Blue uRay LED Lighting Strip 12"
1 CoolWhite uRay LED Lighting Strip 12"
1 Amber uRay LED Lighting Strip 12"
1 Red uRay LED Lighting Strip 12"
All Strips are connected using end to end connectors.
3 each, 6050 - Female to female connectors are used for connecting each strip together and able to make a sharp change in direction.
1 6060 - Female uRay to coaxial connector
1 Data sheet with information regarding all the parts in the kit.

To order please contact your iSky representative or place your order directly with StJohn Group - Fax: 360-647-1087 or E-mail:

Electronic House magazine has awarded its prestigious GOLD WINNER - Home Theaters $100,001–$250,000 to AVI, in Alpharetta, Georgia. Among the impressive design and array of products is an iSky Panel starfield ceiling with uRay accent lighting.

Read all about it.

Do your have a beautiful installation of an iSky ceiling or uRay application? If you do, it might appear here next month, or even in a national AV publication. We are scouting for iSky installation photos for a feature story in an industry trade publication later this year. Photo credit will be given, as well as possible inclusion of your installation and details in the article.

We also need pictures of your demo room system. If you have purchased an iSky demo system, we need high resolution photos of it for printed newsletters, stories and articles. Please contact Kevin at StJohn Group to arrange a photo transfer.

How often do you wish manufacturers would ask for your feedback on their products and services? Well, now's your chance.

CLICK ON THIS LINK and take the iSky Survey. It will help us to better serve you in the future and you'll be done in about five minutes.

Also, please feel free to forward this survey link below to others in your company who might have opinions on iSky Panels products:

Note: the survey can only be taken once from any individual computer.


We'd like to share some "secrets" with you from time to time about panel or uRay installation, maintenance, and selling. If you think of a great way to use our products or have a time- or labor-saving tip, please contact us using THIS FORM.

Using the Cut-out Template: Inside the Installation Kit (Stock code #8000) you'll find an unusual looking metal device that could become your best friend on your next iSky installation. The metal cut-out template enables you to avoid mistakes when cutting holes for sprinklers, can lights, in-ceiling speakers, etc.

The development of the template arose from president of iSky, Jeff Graham's, early practical experiences. But we'll let Jeff tell it:

"I used to be in the carpet business, and over time I noticed that some doors in homes were cut a couple of inches short on the top, so when you looked at the doorway, there would be a gap on the top of the door.

"One day I was cutting down a door in my home because we had installed new carpeting, and the door wouldn't close with the thicker carpet installed. I took the door outside, cut off the end, and brought it back in and guess what? I still couldn't close the door. I had cut off the wrong end!

"Now I had a gap of a couple of inches at the top of my door! @#$% bummer. This was my first lesson on orientation.
It happened again when installing ceiling panels. I had measured the ceiling, measuring from the walls to the opening, and since the panel was not going all of the way to the edge of the room, I had to calculate the panels position in the room. I knew I needed to cut the panel from the face side, because that's were the hole needed to be lined up and cleanly cut (plus, it doesn't matter what it looks like on the back.) So I measured, cut a perfect hole, lifted the panel into place, and the hole was off.

"This happened because I lost my orientation. The measurements I took on the ceiling should have been marked on the back of the panel, not the front, and it is human to lay a piece of material down on the ground face up. Hence the Cut-Out Template was developed.

"Here is a little guide on how to use the Cut-Out Template:

Start by plugging in and heating up the Hot Knife (which is also included in the #8000 Installation Kit) so that it is ready for cutting the fabric - about 5 minutes
Attach a push-pin through the center hole on the Cut-Out Template using duct tape (mans best friend, besides a dog)
On the ceiling, place the template centered over the opening that you want to cut out, use duct tape to hold it in place
Temporally align and put the iSky panel up in place
With the panel properly aligned, push the panel up into the push pin so that it makes a mark on the back side of the panel
Now you have a mark on the back of the panel, exactly in the center of where you want to cut your hole
Take the panel down
From the back side of the panel, locate the mark and push the supplied Awl (also included in the #8000 Installation Kit) all they way through the panel to the face

With the Awl pushed all the way through the panel from the back to the front, flip the panel over so it is face or fabric side up

Remove the Cut-Out Template from the ceiling and remove the push pin from the template
Place the Cut Out Template's center hole over the Awl that is sticking through the face of the panel
Note the size of the hole you want to make
Using the supplied (and pre-heated) Hot Knife, rotate the Cut-Out Template around the Awl with the Hot Knife.
The Hot Knife will cut and sear the fabric on the face of the panel so that the fabric doesn't pull, fray or run, remove the template
Once you have the fabric cut, the next step is to finish cutting the hole through the two inches of fiberglass
Use the serrated panel knife to cut the rest of the hole in the fiberglass

"Now you have a perfectly centered and sized hole in your panel, and even more importantly, it's in the right location."

If you think of a great way to use our products or have a time- or labor-saving tip, please contact us using THIS FORM.

Also, please pass along this newsletter to installers in your company who might benefit from these helpful hints, or who might submit a suggestion.

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